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Current Listings

2818 Pendleton Drive, San Jose, CA
6052 Kingsmill Terrace, Dublin, CA

Sold Listings

#2 2125 Arroyo Court, Pleasanton, CA
1 Rustic Way, Orinda, CA
1041 Harvest Circle, Pleasanton, CA
108 1324 Chateau Commons, Livermore, CA
11 Glen Valley Circle, Pleasanton, CA
11598 Estrella Court, Dublin, CA
1542 Ramblewood Way, Pleasanton, CA
1576 Foothill Road, Pleasanton, CA
1687 Summerhouse Common, Livermore, CA
1696 Autumn Oak Drive, Livermore, CA
1850 N. Terracina Drive, Dublin, CA
2151 Geary Road, Walnut Creek, CA
2253 Via Espada, Pleasanton, CA
2318 Meadlowlark Drive, Pleasanton, CA
2398 Meadowlark Drive, Pleasanton, CA
2490 Brandini Drive, Dublin, CA
2512 Tapestry Way, Pleasanton, CA
2755 Wellingham Drive, Livermore, CA
3 122 Wildrose Common Wildrose Common, Livermore, CA
3 95 Windward Common, Livermore, CA
3209 S. Bridgepointe Lane, Dublin, CA
3228 S. Bridgepointe Lane, Dublin, CA
3297 Monaghan Street, Dublin, CA
3649 Aviano Way, Dublin, CA
3835 Promenade Way, Pleasanton, CA
3835 Promenade Way, Pleasanton, CA
40 Sheldon Lane, Walnut Creek, CA
4181 Garatti Court, Pleasanton, CA
4304 Talle Way, Dublin, CA
4317 Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, CA
432 Curlew Road, Livermore, CA
4613 Persimmon Drive, Dublin, CA
4756 Woodrose Circle, Dublin, CA
4783 Perugia Street, Dublin, CA
4794 Aries Court, Livermore, CA
481 5501 Demarcus Blvd, Dublin, CA
4855 Arlene Place, Pleasanton, CA
4935 Candy Court, Livermore, CA
5057 Piper Glen Terrace, Dublin, CA
5837 Hillbrook Place, Dublin, CA
5957 Crestmont Avenue, Livermore, CA
596 S. Central Parkway, Mountain House, CA
5982 Corte Arboles, Pleasanton, CA
6059 Hillbrook Place, Dublin, CA
6405 Hansen Drive, Pleasanton, CA
6406 Mount Whitney Street, Livermore, CA
6498 Alvord Way, Pleasanton, CA
7072 Elba Way, Dublin, CA
7505 Trotter Way, Pleasanton, CA
7517 Trotter Way, Pleasanton, CA
7553 Trotter Way, Pleasanton, CA
7707 Hillrose Drive, Dublin, CA
786 Bonita Avenue, Pleasanton, CA
7880 Cypress Creek Court, Pleasanton, CA
857 Bower Court, Livermore, CA

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